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Welcome Address: The Art of Email Signature Management

“Great results can be achieved with small forces” Sun Tzu

In the 5th century BC, Chinese military strategist Sun Tzu outlined the skills required to defeat an enemy in battle. The tactics he outlined over 2,500 years ago are now applied to many modern business strategies in order to give companies the advantage they need to compete in the global marketplace. Join Exclaimer in 2021 AD as we outline the tactics you can incorporate into your business strategies through the use of your corporate email signatures.

Featured Keynote
The Rise of the Humans: Dialling into the Future of Work

In the past 12 months we have likely learned more about the potential of technology in both our personal and professional lives than most of us have learned in the last ten years. What began as a way of coping with the extremity of the situation is fast becoming our new way of working. At the heart of the change lies not just a new affinity with technology, but a desire to both live and work in a way that is fundamentally different to that which we have experienced before.

Featured Keynote
Building a Winning B2B Brand During Turbulent Times: Consistency is the Key

World-class B2B brands deliver experiences with impressive consistency. They do this by aligning employee behaviour, communications and design so the brand experience feels as one. In this keynote, Dr Coleman will outline why delivering consistent brand experiences through employee behaviour, communications and design lies at the heart of B2B brand success – especially during turbulent times.

What’s New in Exclaimer Cloud

Explore all the latest features that have been released for Exclaimer Cloud, all designed to give you the best email signature management experience available. From our cutting-edge new Outlook Add-in to our exclusive integration with survey platform Customer Thermometer, this is the perfect place to learn more about what’s now available in Exclaimer Cloud. You’ll also get a taste of what we’ve got planned for the future.

Making the Most Out of Exclaimer Cloud for IT Professionals

If you work in an IT role and use Exclaimer Cloud to manage your company’s email signatures, this session is for you. Join our Customer Success Team as we showcase new and advanced features you may not currently be using that make email signature management even easier and allow you to pass ownership over to other departments like Marketing. All designed to give you more time to focus on other business critical tasks.

Evolving Your Email Signatures Into an Effective Communication Channel

Exclaimer Cloud offers many avenues for companies to better utilize email signatures for marketing and communications. See how you can get the full benefits of the email signature channel with the comprehensive Exclaimer Cloud feature set, turn signatures into marketing opportunities, and explore different use cases you can implement within your own organization.

Adding 1-Click Surveys to Your Email Signatures to Understand Customer & Staff Sentiment​

Customer Thermometer is essential when it comes to using email signature surveys for customer engagement. And Exclaimer is the only email signature solution vendor that offers an “out-of-the-box” integration with Customer Thermometer. See how you can easily combine email signature management with 1-click feedback surveys by joining this instructive session.

The Buyer’s Guide to Email Signature Management Solutions

Every company goes through the exact same issues as they grow – initially, everyone uses their own email signature template. At some point in this growth, an executive decides everyone needs to have a uniform signature. IT then provides documentation on how to set up the organization’s standard signature. This kind of one-off, manually-accomplished signature – despite the end result being a pretty uniform template across the company – fails to meet the needs of organizations with far more complex signature needs.

The Brand New Exclaimer Outlook Add-in & Early Access Program

Want to learn about our new Outlook Add-In? Join Exclaimer as we discuss how the Add-In makes it easier than ever to deploy email signatures to the Outlook client. We will also showcase our Early Access Program which helped us inform its latter development. Later in the session we’ll be joined by Hitesh Manwar, Senior Manager at Microsoft, as he answers questions regarding the Add-In and how it uses brand-new Microsoft functionality in Outlook. He will also discusses how Exclaimer works closely with Microsoft to ensure the latest and greatest functionality is available.

Panel Debate: How to Navigate & Communicate in the Modern Workspace

The world of business has experienced a transformative 18 months in terms of how we all work. Remote working now plays a key role in the modern workspace, more so than any of us could have imagined. The importance of presenting a consistent brand identity has never been greater. And companies across the world have had to rapidly adapt to ever changing circumstances and use technology to enhance their corporate values and improve their business processes. Join this panel debate with key industry experts at the Exclaimer Signature Summit as we look at how you can navigate and communicate in the modern workspace and thereby optimize your business for success in the future.